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3 Basic Types of Crossbows

The popularity of crossbows is one of the fastest growing segments in the entire hunting industry. Each year, more hunters are opting for crossbows over traditional firearms such as shotguns and rifles. If you’re looking at purchasing a crossbow for yourself, you’ll want to exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Here’s a quick breakdown of the three basic types of crossbows that you’re likely to find.

3 Basic Types of Crossbows

Most people wonder what they need to know when buying a crossbow for the first time. The main thing you should look at when buying a crossbow is which one of the three main types of crossbows you want.

Recurve Crossbow

The first and most basic type of crossbow is the recurve crossbow, which is similar in design to its upright cousin. Recurve crossbows are popular due to their lightweight design and relatively quiet shooting. Maintenance of a recurve crossbow is simple as the string can easily be replaced by an experienced shooter. The main disadvantage of recurve crossbows is that even though they are relatively lightweight, they tend to possess a wider width to accommodate for its limbs.

Compound Crossbow

Compound crossbows tend to be more complex than recurve bows, but reward the shooter with more arrow speed and a narrower design overall. This extra power doesn’t come free, however, as compound bows are generally heavier and more cumbersome than their recurve counterparts, not to mention significantly louder. Perhaps the biggest downside of the compound crossbow is its complex design turns repairing broken strings and cables into a complicated endeavor instead of a simple chore.

Reverse-Draw Crossbow

The third and newest type of crossbow available today is what is called a reverse-draw crossbow. While similar in design to the compound crossbow, the reverse-draw actually does a good job of splitting the difference between recurve and compound crossbows. The reverse-draw crossbow turns the open side of the bow towards the front and utilizes a firing system to compound crossbows. This design allows for the quiet shooting of the recurve combined with the power and arrow speed of the compound.

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