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Why Opt for Crossbow Hunting Over a Rifle?
Crossbows offer a slew of benefits for hunting that rifles simply can’t compete with no matter how fancy they are.
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3 Basic Types of Crossbows
The main thing you should look at when buying a crossbow is which one of the three main types of crossbows you want.
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Bountiful Black Bears
Black bears inhabit the U.S. from the lowland swamps of coastal North Carolina to the tall mountains of northern California. While many Americans never spot a secretive black bear, more hunters and homeowners are seeing more bears in some areas of America. Some of these persons say they are seeing too many bears.
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How to Create Habitat for a Healthy Rabbit Population
Have you ever tasted barbecued rabbit right off a wood-fired grill? Have you ever tried chicken-fried rabbit with gravy or braised rabbit in wine sauce? How about herb-roasted rabbit with potatoes? If you’ve ever had the pleasure of dining on fresh rabbit in any form then you understand the role of rabbits in nature.
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Dove Fact Sheet
Fall hunting seasons are now underway in much of the U.S., and numerous hunters have been—or soon will be—dove hunting. Here are a few facts that will help you better understand doves—and why they are America's Number One Game Bird.
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Dove Season Signals the Opening of Hunting
From coast to coast, hunters in 40 states have been joined together recently for one purpose—to hunt doves. Dove seasons have opened from Virginia to California, and hunters have gone afield to hunt fast-flying mourning doves.
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Finding A Way To Hunt
Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and we feel everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in our natural heritage. The following story comes from our friends at Big Rock Sports and it illustrates how with the right equipment, the right situation and, most of all, the help of friends, family and community, even the greatest challenges can be overcome.
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It's A Whitetail World
Whitetail deer are the leading motivator species when it's time to buy gear and go hunting as many shooting sports industry research projects have confirmed. Given that whitetails are found in most states, are plentiful and present a hunting challenge, it's easy to see hunter's interest in these crafty animals. Whitetails are also stunning animals to observe.
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It's a Small Game Smorgasbord
As deer seasons and other big game hunting opportunities come to an end across much of America, it’s time to continue the hunt. The seasons to hunt squirrels, rabbits and some upland species continue to offer opportunities for many hunters. In most cases you already have the licenses, the gear and the knowledge on where these species can be found—and hunted.
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Old-Fashioned Mixed-Bag Hunting
In today's hunting world, once the last day of whitetail season has come and gone, all too many sportsmen clean their rifle, wash their camo, waterproof their boots, take down tree stands and stow away their gear. These post-season chores duly completed, they proceed forthwith to become couch potatoes.
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Popular Game Bird A Good Intro To Hunting
If you’ve ever hunted mourning doves, you know how challenging they are to bring down. They fly and flit about like aerial acrobats. You point the shotgun at one, squeeze the trigger, and somehow the bird keeps flying. And then, after about four or five inexplicable misses, a bird drops—just enough reinforcement to want to keep hunting them. Although remarkably challenging, dove hunting is great fun, and a safe, enjoyable way to introduce kids to hunting.
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Take The Kids And Family
As you turn your attention toward hunting seasons ahead, there's one thing you can do that will make the season more memorable and rewarding—take the kids or entire family along. And be certain to keep your time outdoors as a fun, relaxed and learning adventure.
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Talking Turkey Gets The Gobblers
Perhaps no aspect of turkey hunting garners more attention than calling. All of us love to hear the sound of our own voices as we practice, calling contests have become a big deal on the sporting scene and there are enough calls on the market to give a patent specialist an acute migraine.
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The Proliferation Of Bear Hunting
My son Jason has been living and hunting in Alaska for almost 20 years. He moved there out of high school and went to work for hunting outfitters, first as a packer, and after paying his dues, a full-time guide. His favorite animal to hunt is the bear. He is fortunate to have both the brown and the black bear to hunt while most of us in the Lower 48 are limited to black bear only. There is a debate raging right now whether to open seasons on Grizzly Bear in some of the west-central states, but that might be a long time coming. For now, if you hunt in the United States, with the exception of Alaska you will be hunting the black bear.
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Tips For Spring Turkey Hunts
Consistent successful turkey hunting for toms requires a high degree of skill and the right advice, equipment and clothing that can only be found at a specialty store like ours. Wild turkeys are extremely wary and possess keen color vision and good hearing ability, but the proper gear and tactics will make the difference.
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