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Find The Gun Accessories You've Been Looking For In Las Vegas

Spare magazines, and other gun accessories, can truly make the difference between a life and death situation. At Discount Firearms, our gun accessories include scopes, holsters, cleaning supplies, and more.

Having spare magazines can literally save your life. Most people think that having spare magazines ready in the case of an emergency is only useful if you run out of ammo. This isn’t entirely true. If, for example, you are protecting your family and you off 4 of the six rounds that you have, you will question yourself on how many shots you have. Moments of hesitation in these critical moments can be the difference between life and death.  Our spare magazines are the solution to this worry. Even if you choose not to carry them with you, along with your concealed weapon, you may want to keep a few spare magazines in your home in the case of a break-in or emergency.

Holsters also have a similar importance. The right holster will make you feel comfortable carrying your weapon with you, making it more likely that you will carry it with you. We have a variety of holsters that make it possible for you to feel comfortable not only carrying your firearm, put drawing it as well. Any military, police officer, or firearms enthusiast will tell you that the time it takes to draw your weapon it absolutely critical to your ability to defend yourself and your family. The art of drawing a firearm is as important as accuracy and safety. The right holster can make the difference between safety and danger and should be taken very seriously.

Cleaning supplies are also very important accessories and much more important than many people tend to believe. Cleaning a weapon can increase its probability of working efficiently. Heaven forbid you draw your weapon in an emergency and it malfunctions because it was not properly cleaned and maintained.

Scopes are also beneficial accessories, especially for hunting enthusiasts. We have a nice range of scopes that can dramatically increase your range of vision, making shots from such distances that the game won’t even suspect you were even close by.

Quality gun accessories are waiting for you at Discount Firearms, Las Vegas’ leading gun store. Know that good accessories can truly make the difference in emergency situations and should be considered with great care and forward thinking. Come take a look at our extensive selection of holsters, spare magazines, scopes, cleaning supplies, and more!

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