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Get Your Las Vegas Concealed Weapons Permit Here

Are you looking to get your CCW permit, or take CCW classes Las Vegas locals trust? You've come to the right place. Get trained by professionals with extensive military and law enforcement experience to get you qualified for your concealed weapons permit, or white card clearance for security jobs.

Be done with the class in just one day. We hold classes on the second and forth Saturday of every month that get your prepared to safely carry a concealed weapon. The class is affordable at $85 including your qualifications with two firearms and practice on our range.

As of Oct. 1, 1995 all CCW applicants have to be investigated as well as fingerprinted and photographed. If you have committed any of the following offences, your application can be denied if:

  1. You are subject to a restraining order.
  2. You are on parole or probation.
  3. You have a pending entry for a felony conviction or have recently had a suspended felony sentence.
  4. You have pending criminal charges
  5. You write false information on your application.
  6. You have an outstanding warrant of arrest against you.
  7. You are a felon.
  8. You are judicially declared incompetent or insane.
  9. You are considered a habitual abuser of drugs or alcohol.
  10. You have been convicted for a violent crime, including misdemeanors.
  11. You have a conviction against you for domestic violence or stalking.

It is required that you take a firearms safety course. Ours is approved. You must qualify for the firearms that you want to carry.

Discount Firearms and Ammo's NRA and PILB instructors have extensive military, law enforcement and security experience. They can instruct and qualify you for a concealed weapons permit (CCW) or PILB "White Card" qualification for armed security personnel.

Taking your course with us at Discount Firearms is an important step towards getting your CCW or PILB qualification and arming yourself against any potential danger that you may encounter. Our seasoned professionals will certainly teach you how to safely and effectively use your firearm for defense and you will leave our class with a stronger understanding of your weapon and the importance of firearm safety. Call (702) 567-1158 for more information on obtaining your concealed and carry permit here in Las Vegas.

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