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Practice Your Accuracy At Our Las Vegas Firing Range!

Are you looking to take firearm classes from a few professionals who know what they're doing? Or maybe you'd just like to head out to a shooting range and practice your accuracy? Either way, Discount Firearms has the perfect for you! From Las Vegas firing ranges to professional-level firearm classes, we have everything you need to become (and stay!) a gun enthusiast!

Our 14 lane, indoor gun range is 25 yards deep, and used to be a practice location for federal agents. (Which says something about how nice our facilities are!) And while we do encourage having a good time at our Las Vegas firing range, we definitely implement rules and regulations to ensure that everyone is remaining safe and secure.

We're also a great destination for both locals and visitors! Our gun range can provide you with lasted entertainment and a certain feeling that can only come from shooting a machine gun. Have you ever held an Uzi in your hands, let alone fired one? There's nothing quite like the sensation of pulling the trigger on a new firearm at a Las Vegas firing range. Visitors from out of town love spending an afternoon in the gun range because it gives them an experience they can take back home and never forget about!

Worried about the gun smoke or loud noises? Don't be! At Discount Firearms, we're dedicated to making sure your experience is relaxing and safe, which is why we've invested in an incredibly efficient and effective ventilation system in our facility. We know that having lingering smoke in a poorly ventilated space can really ruin the experience. We also know that guns are loud (duh!), so we provide high-quality headphones and noise diffusers to ensure that your ear drums aren't mad at you when you leave.

So if you're looking for a fun, professional and safe environment where you can shoot off some rounds (and maybe shoot a YouTube video to show all of your friends back home!), look no further! Discount Firearms is the number one Las Vegas gun range. It's definitely an exciting experience you won't forget!

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