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Shoot For Fun At Our Shooting Range In Las Vegas!
Coming to Vegas to experience new and exciting things on your vacation? Or are you a local who just wants to get out of the house and do something fun and new? Either way, Discount Firearms has the solution for you!
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Practice Your Accuracy At Our Las Vegas Firing Range!
Are you looking to take firearm classes from a few professionals who know what they're doing? Or maybe you'd just like to head out to a shooting range and practice your accuracy? Either way, Discount Firearms has the perfect for you! From Las Vegas firing ranges to professional-level firearm classes, we have everything you need to become (and stay!) a gun enthusiast!
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Get Your Las Vegas Concealed Weapons Permit Here
Are you looking to get your CCW permit, or take CCW classes Las Vegas locals trust? You've come to the right place. Get trained by professionals with extensive military and law enforcement experience to get you qualified for your concealed weapons permit, or white card clearance for security jobs.
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Get Your Concealed Weapons Permit in Las Vegas
Since October of 1995, Nevada law has stated that those who wish to carry a concealed firearm must first become licensed with a Nevada concealed weapons permit. The application process requires all applicants to be fingerprinted, photographed and even investigated before issuing the concealed weapons permit.
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Find The Gun Accessories You've Been Looking For In Las Vegas
Spare magazines, and other gun accessories, can truly make the difference between a life and death situation. At Discount Firearms, our gun accessories include scopes, holsters, cleaning supplies, and more.
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Your Las Vegas Gun Store!
Here at Discount Firearms Inc, we offer a wide selection of guns, ammo, and accessories.
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Find Guns & Ammunition in Las Vegas Here
Guns and ammunition Las Vegas trusts are offered at Discount Firearms. Our Las Vegas ammo store has over a million rounds of ammo available at all times from Fiocchi to Rino. All sorts of firearms are available here from rifles to handguns. Unlike a lot of gun stores, at Discount Firearms and Ammo you will find the walls fully stocked with guns of all varieties.
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Shoot At Our Las Vegas Gun Range!
When looking for a shooting range, you just need to remember Discount Firearms. Our 14 lane indoor gun range is 25 yards deep and was used by the feds to practice. That should tell you something about how nice our range is. We have a few simple rules put into place, but don’t worry, all the rules we have for our gun range are to make sure that everyone is safe and has fun.
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Visit Our Incredible Las Vegas Gun Store
There is only one gun store in Las Vegas you need to remember. Discount Firearms has the most wicked indoor firing range and selection of firearms located close to the strip. Whether you want to fire an Uzi, sell your gun for a better one, or pick up some ammo, Discount Firearms has got you covered. It is like 3 gun stores in Las Vegas all rolled into the perfect one stop shop.
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Long Guns For Home Protection
First of all, a disclaimer: The first rule for choosing the best gun for home protection is to use the one you feel the most comfortable with!  If you feel most comfortable with using a semi-auto for self-defense, that is what you should use!  The reason is that in a home invasion situation when your heart is pumping with adrenaline, you are better off using a weapon you are familiar and comfortable firing rather than a gun you are less familiar with.  Don't put you or your family in danger because you read online somewhere that it was "better for home defense".  Be reasonable, and use your own best judgement.
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Las Vegas Machine Gun Rental! State-Of-The-Art Indoor Firing Range
Machine guns are exploding onto the Vegas scene. There are more people enjoying the thrill of firing a machine gun than ever before. Not only have most people never held a machine gun, they have no clue how to react when they shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas for the first time. Basically put, people love it!
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Fire A Machine Gun In Las Vegas!
Come to Discount Firearms to experience what firing a machine gun really feels like at our 14 lane indoor firing range.
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Get Your Nevada CCW Permit At Discount Firearms Inc.
The Nevada CCW Law, since Oct. 1, 1995, has required every weapons applicant to be investigated, as well as fingerprinted and photographed. This includes those that hold a permit, however, the law, amended in 2001 allows non-Nevadans to apply for a Nevada CCW permit.
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Shoot A Machine Gun In Las Vegas
Don’t miss out on one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences Las Vegas has to offer! Ever wanted to shoot a REAL machine gun? How about an uzi? Or a shotgun? You can do that at The Vegas Machine Gun Experience!
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