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5 Most Popular Gun Manufacturers

Guns have been around for nearly a thousand years, and the industry has since grown internationally into a billion dollar industry. Some companies make a lot more than others, as their brands have risen to the top. Whether it’s because they’ve been around the longest or they craft the best products, here are the most popular gun makers.

The Best Gun Makers

1. Smith & Wesson

These guys, Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, have been crafting powerful guns since 1857 and their names have since been attached to a thriving company. S&W are responsible for building some very iconic revolvers such as the Model 29, famously used by Clint Eastwood in the film Dirty Harry. “Most powerful gun in the world,” according to him.

The Chief’s Special, AKA the Model 36, is another popular self-defense revolver produced by Smith and Wesson. It’s small and compact enough that you can conceal it. It’s one of the most popular in the aspect of self-defense.

2. SIG Sauer

SIG Sauer has been around since 1853, producing wagons as well as firearms. Now, it has over 1,200 employees and umbrellas a group of other weapons manufacturers. They solidified their place as one of the best weapon manufacturers with such creations as the P220, P229, and P238, a line of stunning handguns.

They are also popular for their submachine guns like the SIG MPX 9mm. A lot of their weapons like that are specially designed perfectly for SWAT and other law enforcement. Other great SIG sub-machine guns include the .357 SIG or the SIG 556.

3. Springfield Armory

Everyone’s heard this name at some point. In 1777, George Washington himself had final say on the site in which Springfield Armory would be officially founded. Springfield became a popular gun maker when they created the 1911 series, the most popular handgun series in the world.

The 1911’s come in many different models, but aside from this popular weapon, Springfield is also known to be a popular gun maker of M1A assault rifles. Their brand of M1As was created to be a civilian alternative for the military M1As.

4. Colt

Samuel Colt received a patent for a revolver in 1836. The revolver, as you may know, became Colt’s magnum opus. No weapon on this list has paved the way for weapons development like the Colt revolver did. To this day, Colt 45s and other Colt revolvers remain at the top of the revolver development game.

Colt did, however, shy away from revolvers. They are also pretty popular for their rifles like the Colt M20 series or the LE6920 series. Their AR15’s were very popularly used by the military for a while until they switched over to mainly using other brands.

5. Ruger

Founders William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Sturm officially founded Sturm, Ruger & Co. in 1949. What made them popular gun makers was the .22 caliber rifles. The .22 rifles boomed in the market because it was a perfect rifle for recreational shooting and sport.

They develop weapons in both .22 and .17 calibers, all the way to .357 Magnums and .41 Magnums. Typically, their weapons have become collector’s items and just guns that are fun to shoot. They’re not typically meant to shoot big game or, for that matter, self-defense. But even still, they are considered a classic that is still selling to this day.

All the Best Brands from the Most Popular Gun Makers

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