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Why You Should Use Your Tax Refund at Discount Firearms

Isn’t it about time to treat yourself? This tax season is a great opportunity to do just that. It turns out, more and more people are buying weapons with their tax refunds each year. Think of it as an opportunity for a miniature Christmas. Except this time, you just worry about yourself.

Why Guns?

Let’s face it. You’ve wanted one for a while now, so now’s your chance. Seriously, what better time than now? Having a gun is something you can use all year long, whether you’re hunting, going to the range or whatever, so there never really is the “best” time. So, again: Why not tax season?

The average tax return is around $3,000, and the average price of a rifle is $300 to $2,000. Looks like a sign to buy a gun. So, why not guns?

What Guns?

The average tax return is around $3,000. That’s not bad, but is it enough for the gun you want? Let’s look at some good quality guns that could fit into that price range.


Remington is a beloved name in gun crafting. A trusted brand. Tried and true. There are many Remington weapons you can purchase for under $3,000, and they range from $100 on up.

The Remington Tactical rifle is a popular choice, and the retail price runs just under $3,000, so it’s definitely within your tax budget.  


A designer of classics, Beretta offers a wide variety of weapons, from handguns to shotguns to rifles. Whichever it is you’re craving, they are available as low as $100.

Here’s a good example: the Beretta USA Silver Pigeon. A low maintenance rifle that functions smoothly. It’s designed in Italy, and its beauty does not reflect its price tag!


ArmaLite is a very quality creator of weapons, particularly assault rifles. For an amazingly cheap price, you can choose from hundreds of ArmaLite ARs.

The ArmaLite AR-10 Super S.A.S.S. is optimized for suppressors. It’s also quite the deal, running at $3,000 retail price!

Where Do I Get These Guns?

Those were just some examples of the amazing gun deals you can easily cover with your tax returns. If those didn’t catch your attention, Discount Firearms has a wide variety of weapons you’ll be able to fit into your budget. Check out the store to see what’s on sale!
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